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Bakeapple Harvest Guided Hike      
$300/person, minimum 2 people
10 hours, Offered from July 27 to August 15 


Take a guided hike to the top of the mountains near McKenzie Mill Brook and travel to the bakeapple picking spots that local people have kept a secret for 150 years. Bakeapples, more widely known as cloudberries, are berries derived from a plant found in boreal forested areas in the Northern Hemisphere in boggy areas often near the top of mountains. In Europe they grow in the Nordic countries and Baltic states, they also occur across northern Russia east as far as Japan. In Germany and certain parts of the UK they are considered an endangered species, however, in many northern parts of Newfoundland and Labrador they flourish and remain practically undisturbed by people. The origin of the name “bakeapple” in Newfoundland appears to have originated from the French or as the story goes someone said “baie qu'appelle” which they meant to say “what is that berry?” and the English interpreted this as "bakeapple".



It's a beautiful hike to the top of the mountains where you get magnificent views of Bonne Bay and the surrounding area. You can drive to our rendezvous point near McKenzie Mill Brook  or we can pick you up in Rocky Harbour, Norris Point or Woody Point.  We start our hike near route 430 and, from there, we hike to the top of the mountains. At the top we have great views of Bonne Bay and as we go further along we will see sections of wild bakeapples. If the berries are near ripe we will spend an hour or so collecting berries to take with us. This area is seldom visited by local people now and generally these berries are left on the stems to rot. A few birds and other wild life wander by and eat some of the berries.


Later we will make our way down over the mountains and back to our rendezvous point at McKenzie Mill Brook day use area. McKenzie Mill Brook was the site of a water powered sawmill that was operated by the McKenzie family that settled in Bonne Bay in the mid 1800's. After a short visit in the day use area we will head back to our starting point.


To complete this trip you need to be physically fit, you need to wear appropriate gear and you need to bring adequate snacks and water for the day. 

 .  .  .   Other Hiking Adventures

Overfalls Brook Guided Hike
$250/person, minimum 2 people
8 hours, Trout River Pond boat shuttle included


Take an interpretive boat tour up Trout River Pond and experience travelling along an ancient seabed at Gros Morne National Park, where a 1.2-billion-year-old ocean floor came to the surface when the continents collided during their drift. Hike upon a section of the ancient Appalachians which stretches the entire length of Newfoundland's west coast.


You can drive to Trout River Pond for the start of this tour or, secondly, you can meet us at our waterfront location in Woody Point or, thirdly, we can pick you up at the Woody Point dock after you arrive on the water taxi from Norris Point at 9:30 am.  We start our adventure on the boat tour at the beginning of Trout River Pond at 10 am. We board the vessel and learn about the geology of the area as we travel to the end of the inside pond. Around us are steep cliffs on one side and the orange rocks that make up Tableland mountains on the other side. Upon arriving at the end of the pond we disembark from the shuttle boat and start the hike up to Overfalls Brook with our group. After our hike to the top of the beautiful mountains overlooking the pond, we make our way back to meet the shuttle boat again at 5:00 pm.

At 6:00 pm we arrive at the dock in Trout River Pond we can leave in our own vehicle or jump in the vehicle with our guide to take the 20 minute drive back to Woody Point. At Woody Point we can drive back to our accommodations or jump on the Blackawton Boat Tour water taxi to go back to Norris Point.


Our guides are very familiar with navigating these mountains and have a good knowledge of the geology of the area. To complete this trip you need to be physically fit, you need to wear appropriate gear and you need to bring adequate snacks and water for the day. 

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